Newly Installed LED Lights in Langham Place Office Buildings
Replacement of T8 Tubes in a Carpark in Shen Zhen
LED Strips used in an Electronic Store in Grand Century Place
LED Downlights and Strips Used in a Grand Optical Store
LED Small Outdoor Floodlights used on a SPA Shop
3000K LED Flexible Strip Shaped Comfy Environment
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3000K LED Flexible Strip Shaped Comfy Environment
With project reference situated in Dubai UAE, inside a high-end bar lounge, this LED 3000K Flexible strip creates a comfy and relaxing environment for end-customer to enjoy! End-users are willing to spend more for a relaxing afternoon or nightime in the lounge which the illumination is comfortable and feeling like at home. Fabulous and our pleasure to work on the LED Rigid Strips, LED Bulbs, LED Panels and othe LED Outdoor series in the new projects.
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